Sunday, March 22, 2015


Hi Guys. I'm back from my daily activity. Yes, now I'm in my struggle. Being mature is so hard. You know, when you  have graduated, you'd face the real life. I'm in my zero. And in my post, I want to share about being struggle, from zero to big hero.

It's an empty cup. There is nothing and looks so plain. Maybe everyone won't take it cause they think that's useless  without water on it. Or maybe someone just put it in the glass cabinet for a little display.

I am an empty cup. People think that's useless, plain, clumsy, and underestimated. They do not know it it'll become something, beautiful, and very useful. Give me time. I'll show you how to threat me. and empty cup will be filled.

OUTFIT : Red Plump-Top from LMforHardware + skinny jeans (still my simple outfit)
PHOTOGRAPHED by Wahyu Pamungkas (Canon DSLR Camera) 

Sometime, people do not know how struggle I am. They just look my weakness and my failing. Because I'm a woman or because I still have not been able to show my big achievement. But wherever I am, I always know my capability. I just need more time to show them up. Just wait, and empty cup will be filled.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hay ! It has been long time I did not open my blog. So, on this occasion I'd give you some philosophy about life. Ouch, I'm forget to tell you about the best news. I have finished my study and now I have a tittle behind my name. I'm so grateful :) I'm a Bachelor Degree in Psychology UGM and I'm proud of this. 

Once upon a day, I came to a coffee shop in Yogyakarta. The coffee shop is Mooi Kitchen. That place is so comfy and you'd stay in there for a long time. But, there was something in this place that made me interested. I saw the bookshelf. It was like another bookshelf in the world and nothing special (hahaha..), but it made me thougth about something. I thought about choosing and living.
"Life is about choosing. You choose one of every stories , and make it different from another. There is no wrong choice. Believe in your choice and just do it."

 OUTFIT : Tribal-top from LMforHardware + Cream-pencil-skirt
PHOTOGRAPHED by Threanekke (with Iphone 4S)

"Finally, you chose this one . You tried to figure out what you need for doing something, what you need for making yourself being worth it to get, and learned about all mistakes. That's why it's called life. Choosing and living make your life be prodigious."

After my graduation, I know that I have to choose my way for living. It's so hard but for being mature and success woman, I must do it.How about you, guys ? :)